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Shape Shifting Enigmas

Jack Christie is off again into the infinite space of digital visual arts practice. All these works revolve around and within the bounds of formal lines, geometric shapes and patterns, created using generic computer programmes. The lines and shapes create animated forms which are shifting around autonomously in electric space, creating a vast variety of simple images and animations. Some of these are then digitally altered, manipulated and electronically enhanced to produce a infinite assortment of lines, shapes, colours, patterns, forms and subsequently, enigmatic digital imagery.


Starting with basic lines ,shapes, and colours created in a simple digital drawing programme he develops rudimentary planar shapes, overlaying and shape shifting to produce animated patterns, and subsequently, a number of interesting autonomous visual effects. Unrefined images are then selected and digitally enhanced, initially to soften the pixilation of the raw images, and then to alter the characteristics and change the nature of the imagery in a myriad of ways.


A great deal of Jack's work revolves around the concepts formed over many years, from thoughts and feelings, general observations and research, all tempered by an unwavering belief in his ideas of aesthetics and anti-aesthetics.


He has developed a somewhat limited understanding in the use of this electronic medium but by experimenting and practicing with it has explored some of its technical potential. Jack is by no means a master but he has acquired the appropriate skills at this amateur level. When reviewing his art work, some concepts are visualised satisfactorily; some are not. All are refined, reworked or even re-conceptualised. When putting it altogether he selects the basic shapes and forms that can best articulate the ideas and imagery he produces.


When reviewing his work to modify or accept its conceptual value, developmental stage and compositional synthesis, Jack then makes an evaluation of the effectiveness of the work and the qualities he values and considers what his artwork should convey. Its altered accordingly or left for another time, to be revived, forgotten or forsaken.


Jack Christie views his works of art as arrangements of compositional elements that produce extraordinary visual effects.  His focus is on the significance of the effect due to the combination of elements and arrangements within the imagery produced.


He has an innate perception, visual insight, alternative thought, offbeat imagination and with a determined degree of application all of which enables him to create strange and original visual art imagery. Jack is not averse to trying out possibilities within the digital medium, constantly experimenting to define and refine his ever-changing style.

Iain Coleman

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